Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making the Move Enivornmentally-Friendly

As some of you know, I've been "offline" the last couple of weeks because we moved to a new house! I have been packing, re-packing, moving and un-packing for what feels like months now.

For four weeks in a row I made calls to our local stores asking if they had any empty boxes that I could take and I am proud to say that I moved our entire house without purchasing any "packing supplies" other than my packing tape! My dad gathered used newspapers from around his office and my mom helped me haul empty boxes from the local stores. We discovered the liquor store was a great source for those divided wine crates, which are great for packing breakables like stemware and drinking glasses in (great idea, Kath!).

When we got to our new place and were setting up all of our new services, including trash, I was so excited to learn that we have an awesome curbside recycling program! Not only will they accept A LOT more materials than our previous service, but they also provide free of charge the lovely blue recycling boxes (two for me, please!) and we don't have to sort our recyclables!

They also accept corrugated cardboard, so we were able to unpack all of our belongings, and put the (already reused) cardboard boxes and the (already reused) newspaper right into our recycling!

I'm sure with all the gas we consumed, our "carbon footprint" was still the size of Jack's beanstalk buddy's, but we did what we could!


Chele said...

I thought of you yesterday, when we made the trip to our local recycling center and I saw the big dumpster for corregated boxes. lol! I was surprised that they even had a dumpster for "junk mail" like catalogs and magazines. I will be recycling those along with everything else.

You are lucky to have the curbside recycling. We did when we lived in the city.....

Jules said...

You go girl that is so great. Im impressed as usual!

Mostly Im glad your back online!

Marissa Vargason said...

Emily you rock! Thats awesome you were able to do this! Ive missed you tons and cant wait to see pics of the new palace! talk to you soon!

ThatsMe!! said...

I miss curbside Recycling sooo much...and you don't even have to sort how freaking cool is that!!! LaDawn

Anonymous said...

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