Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Bright Idea and a Coincidence

Whatever the reason, I received my power bill in the mail today and it contained a nifty little sheet on the many wonders of the Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) bulb.
With credit to Ameren, here is what it said:

"Even one person switching to compact flouescent lighting will save money and give the environment a boost. If every American home replaced just one traditional bulb with an Energy Star-qualified CFL, we would save more than $600 million on annual energy bills and enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year. Why CFL's are a bright idea
  • CFL's use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs
  • CFL's last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and produce less heat
  • You can save $30 to $60 over the life of each CFL bulb you install
  • CFL's help reduce the demand for electricity, which in turn helps delay the need for new power plants."
We already have approximately 50% of our lights using CFL's. I made a trip to the local discount grocery and bought a single CFL bulb for under $2. Yes it's a little more than an incandescent, but it definitely more than makes up for it in energy bill savings. There really is no excuse NOT to use these nifty little bulbs.


Jess3kids said...

Wow, thats amazing what a differnce it can make! We used to always make fun of my dad for getting those b/c they would be HUGE and funny looking and never fit in the light fixture he was making it go in (the over head lights above the wetbar etc lol) I have a few in my house (compliments of my dad changing lightbulbs that burned out while they were dog sitting etc lol.)

MomStillLearning said...

I know - they used to be really bad. Now they have them in a bunch of different sizes/styles at Wal-Mart and such. I still think the light they give off is not as good, but once you've got them in, you don't notice!